GFB Lightweight Pulleys

GFB Lightweight Pulleys
Item# GFB-2016
Retail Price: $325.80
CIP Price: $324.99

Product Description

Like all GFB lightweight pulleys, this one begins life as a single 6061 T6 aluminium alloy billet, and is then precision CNC machined to exacting tolerances. GFB then anodizes it black for a stealthy appearance and superior wear resistance.

This results in a large saving of 4.87 lbs. of rotating mass over the factory pulleys, without sacrificing strength or reliability. Like all GFB lightweight pulleys, you can feel the improvements:

* Sharper throttle response.

* Crisper acceleration through each gear.

* Retains the use of OE.

Weight Comparison Between Stock and the GFB Lightweight Pulley.

* Factory Crank Pulley - 4.89 lbs.

* GFB Crank Pulley - 0.75 lbs.

* Factory Water Pump Pulley - 1 lb.

* GFB Water Pump Pulley - 0.53 lb.

* Factory Alternator Pulley - 0.44 lb.

* GFB Alternator Pulley - 0.18 lb.

* Weight Savings vs. Stock = 4.87 lbs.!